Legendary buck

My nemesis; Oh what joy a had when I finally got you, you little bastard. I have been searching my ass off finding this so called majestic creature. In Red dead redemption the “legendary buck” gives you the Buck Antler Trinket. This will increases the quality of skinned animals.

This “legendary buck” can be located in “big valley” as shown on the map. I have searched everywhere. I got attacked by large groups of bounty hunters. I got attacked by a large pack of wolfs. But that buck was nowhere to be found. I tried to look it up on the old interweb. I found all sorts of spoilers about the game I didn’t want to know. I found YouTube videos about people finding the buck at first try and killing it with one arrow. But not for me: Ow no no no mister Obistyle, you will experience this game on a whole other level my friend.

I did found one YouTube video that gave a clue and after some serious detective work I finally found that stinking bastard. It turns out that you should find some place where it peed in the woods to activate the trigger. After that you have to track the buck the same way as you always do in the game and you find it mocking you on a small hill.

Shooting it is a whole other story. I tried the bow and arrow and he just run away with my arrow sticking in its head. Then a wild chase through the bush happened where I lost it almost on the bottom of the map. Story of my life. I returned to the spot where the trigger is and tried again. Shot it again and again it started to run away.

After 5 tries I finally had enough arrows in its body to bring it down. I skinned it and set a marker to the nearest fence and half way during the ride I got shot by some bounty hunters again and lost the pelt. I found some articles on the interweb saying that you could get it back at a trapper but not in my game. Thanks Rockstar games!