Retro Cartoon Contest 2018

The time has come again. It’s Retro Cartoon Contest time for the Forza Motorsport series. It is being held by my good friend Rob, also known as Snakeeyes Friex. I have been entering this competition since day one. I only skipped last year because I couldn’t find any inspiration. But this year it’s back to the drawing boards. The competition is getting higher and higher each year. People are really getting better quickly so it’s a real competition now with nice prices as well.

I want to create a Batman: The Animated Series paint. I’m a big Batman fan and i always enjoyed the Animated series very much as a kid.

29-01 final update

31-11 update 3
Added the pinguin en the Joker. Not sure if I want to leave the villains in full colour of that I want to create a monotone like colour for them so it looks like that are hiding in the shadows.