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Local transports ETS2

I wanted to create myself a skin for Eurotruck Simulator 2. I was a bit out of inspiration to create a “Obistyle” skin so I was browsing the interweb for some inspiration when I came across a local transportation company. I’m digging the red, white and blue theme they got going on and wanted to pay tribute to them by creating a skin.

I still need to tweak some issues here and there but it’s looking good already. I want to create one for the DAF 105 and the Volvo XF. The Volvo is what the company drives around in but I like the DAF so much.

Download will be available soon, hopefully when I figure out who to create a steam workshop entry. So stay tuned.

Also on the todo list

But also I want to create a bunch of trailers. Still not sure how that works. But I will find it out real shortly.

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