R.I.P. Stan Lee

The man, the myth, the legend past away today. This man brought a lot of joy to my life.

I will miss him the most I think when there will be a new Marvel movie coming out. I always enjoyed his short rolls in the Marvel movies.

I am hoping that Disney will honor him by not destroying the Marvel brand. And all the magical creations that Stan Lee has brought us.

2018 Isn’t a very good year. We lost a lot of good people unfortunately.
Oli Herbert – Guitar player andĀ founding member of All that remains
John Cunliffe – Creator of Postman Pat
Burt Reynolds
Kofi Annan
Aretha Franklin
Vinnie Paul – Drummer of Pantera
Anthony Bourdain – I love his shows
Verne Troyer – Mini me
Professor Stephen Hawking
Eddie Clarke – Guitar player of Motorheads

Stan Lee, you will be missed!