Surviving Mars

and it really grow on me. It’s a bit like the old command and conquer only without enemies attacking you. In this game you have to battle the planet Mars.

The game starts with a option that lets you choose your own Space Agency the gives you different kind of difficulties and upsides. After that you have to choose your landing site and from there you have to build a colony and sustain it.

This game is all about finding a balance between mining resources and creating a habitable place for your fellow humans.

You have a very large research tree that let you upgrade buildings for better production or lesser personnel. But it’s not a very complex system where you have to set taxes or creating alliances with other races.

You do have a opponent system in the form of other space agencies that will also build on the planet but I haven’t had any difficulties with these agencies.

This is just a nice game that is very enjoyable with having to learn the complete game over and over again if you haven’t played it in a few weeks or something.