Retro Cartoon Contest 2015

My good friend Rob (SnakeEyesFriex) restarted a new Retro Cartoon contest for Forza Motorsport 6. These are my two entries. I think I should have put a little more work in the Ghostbusters car seeing other people's entries but what's done is done. For me it was a fun time to participate and relearn everything again about painting in Forza Motorsports.


I wanted to do the Ghostbusters theme before in RCC 1 but then I didn't found the inspiration to complete it. Now I had an extra motivation because of the new movie that was coming up that, in my eyes, totally will destroy everything I like about Ghostbusters. 

The Tick

For The Tick I wanted to make a combination between a actual racing livery and the cartoon. The first thing in my mind was the Spoon Racing Sports livery because... SPOOOON! And it fits the color scheme perfectly. I really like how it turned out!